Hilary Duff - Chasing the Sun Official Music Video

Ever wonder how Lizzie McGuire might be surviving adulthood?!  Honestly, the song’s over produced, buuuut the music video is great!  :)  And Hilary’s beautiful, of course!

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It’s officially on iTunes, folks! Welcome back, @hilaryduff! Definitely a fun song to round out the summer! Go get it!! ☀️👍 #ChasingTheSun #HilarysNewSingle #HilaryDuff

The Return of Hilary Duff - witfromwhitt


Yes, Hilary Duff is back, and for a certain generation, which I happen to be a part of, this news is what dreams are made of.  After taking some time off to get married and start a family, the original Queen of Disney is finally returning to the music scene this week, marking the end of a six+ year break for the multi-talented artist.  Now 26, Duff’s Disney and Lizzie McGuire days are, respectively, far behind her as she embarks on a new journey with RCA Records that will hopefully result in a triumphant comeback.  Though Hilary has remained relevant as a celebrity icon in recent years, it’s no secret that her star power has died down a bit since the hey-day of her Billboard number one hit records from the early 2000’s.  However, for that previously mentioned generation who grew up with Hilary as an “it girl” and “tween queen” of Hollywood, her star power has certainly continued to live on in the form of nostalgia and respectful admiration.  


Personally, not only is Hilary Duff is a highlight from my childhood, but she also has a special place in my life story.  Obviously, I’m sure that sounds like an exaggeration or at least an odd statement, but that’s how I’m choosing to explain it at this point.  From starring in my all time favorite TV show (Lizzie McGuire), to starring in some of my all time favorite movies (Cheaper By the DozenA Cinderella Story), Hilary Duff had a presence and likability factor that other stars of the early 2000’s (Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes) just didn’t quite seem to have.  I’m not going to be too biased and say that I think all of Hilary’s work as a young artist deserved awards recognition, but I will say that she was certainly a talented adolescent who Disney was lucky to discover.  For those who can’t remember, Hilary Duff and Lizzie McGuire transformed the Disney Channel into the successful kid friendly network it went on to thrive as.  Duff also paved the way for future Disney stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato by conquering TV, movies, and music.  And while some may disagree with me on this, I would say that she managed to do all of those things much better than her successors.  


Hilary’s number one Billboard albums like her 2003 debut, Metamorphosis, and her 2005 compilation, Most Wanted,were favorites of mine as a kid and remain favorites of mine now as an adult, along with her 2004 self-titled sophomore release and 2007 electro-dance record, Dignity.  While a Best of Hilary Duff compilation dropped in 2008 to mark the end of her tenure with Hollywood Records (Disney’s record company), Team Duff has been waiting seven years now for a new Hilary album to arrive.  As a major HD fan, I, among many, have continued to follow her post mainstream career as she starred in a string independent films, made guest star appearances on TV shows, and released a New York Times bestselling book series.  Though I had my doubts at times, I’ve always stayed hopeful that she would return to making music when the time was right.  So after marrying her now estranged husband, former NHL player, Mike Comrie, in 2010, and becoming a mom to Luca Comrie in 2012, Hilary returned to the recording studio full time this past fall to begin working on her musical comeback.  


So here we are awaiting the arrival of Hilary’s first single via RCA Records, Chasing The Sun.  Typically, if you know me well enough, you know what Hilary Duff means to me.  I guess you could call her a childhood inspiration who continues to inspire me even today.  She is a class act, and she holds the title of being THE child star who DIDN’T go wrong.  A few months ago, I was asked to speak to a local girl scout troop about the influence of media in our culture.  The middle school girls all spoke poorly about their generation’s tween queen, Miley Cyrus, and made clear their disappoint in her as a role model.  I somewhat understand what Miley is trying to do in the current phase of her career, but hearing what the young girls had to say about an artist they had once looked up to was difficult for me, mainly because I could not relate.  Although no one is perfect, Hilary Duff served as a great role model for my generation, and therefore I continue to support her, and I continue to be just as fascinated by her now as I was when I was only nine years old.  Let’s do this, Team Duff!  - Whitt

Wow tomorrow marks 11 years since this bad boy dropped… So I would say it’s no coincidence that Chasing the Sun debuts tomorrow! :)

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☀️😊 Quite excited about this week! #ChasingTheSun #HilaryDuff #HilarysNewSingle #TeamDuff @hilaryduff

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S/O to @emariecoop for helping w/ another awesome wedding shoot! I think we’re starting to get the hang of this thing? Congrats to the Edgmons! 👍

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Highlight video from my latest wedding project!  Off to another shoot today!  :)

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